Meet the Band

Like a good southern brunswick stew, they throw in the pot whatever ingredients they find in the kitchen - country, rock, soul, bluegrass, you name it, its in there.
— Chris Martin, Atlanta Live Music Examiner


Well it started with chicken. I mean yard birds, i mean you gotta grab 'em by the neck and sling 'em around until the neck snaps. Then you got to skin it, feathers and all. Chicken. Villain Family eats all the chicken. No chicken pickin' in this hen house, only the rooster cooing at his mistress the moon.

But bird meat will be tough unless you love it enough. Y'all got to use your hands, man. Get your hands on the bird's skin, get into the innards, make gravy. But you got to do it with love.

Villain Family got the love.

Villain Family holds to compassion.

You see, growing things with your hands, like your advantageous botanicals, causes celebrations. Villain Family is a direct byproduct of skinnin' chicken and washing hands clean of blood and feathers. Now you have touched life and death and put it all in your tummy. Play it for your family and your lovers and neighbors and children with your hands on tightly wound wood and metal and know thy freedom. 

Somewhere betwixt Edgar Allen Poe and Hank Williams lay the American experience of Villain Family. A salt of the earth, tongue in cheek reflection of living in the tumultuous dynasty of 21st century American life. Soulful and evocative harmonies ignite the whimsical and the nitty gritty lyrics from three prolific songwriters and pushed by an ever pulsing rhythm. Culling inspiration from across a wide spectrum of musical genre's, Villain Family can only be labeled as outlaws and outcasts.


Current Family Members

Rachel Wright
Vocals / Ukulele

Lawson Wright
Banjos / Guitars / Hollers

Douglas Champion Rolph
Upright Bass

Earl Judd
Drums / Percussion

Danny Arana